Each year Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School hold their inaugural challenge one of the two campuses. The Nossal/Suzanne Cory challenge is a day when the students of both schools meet and compete for the Terry Bennet Cup as well as bragging rights for the year ahead. The Nossal/Suzanne Cory Challenge has been established to allow for the creation of a healthier and stronger relationship between the two schools as well as a day to allow students to unwind and have fun while participating in a bout of various activities such as MasterChef, Theatre Sports, Trivia, Tug of War and even a Dance off. The competition allows for both schools to gain a better understanding of each other and find methods of improvement.  It provides as an exciting and varied experience for the students of each school.

2011 Winner – Nossal High School

2012 Winner – Suzanne Cory High School

2013 Winner – Nossal High School

2014 Winner – Suzanne Cory High School