The inspiring figure behind CBHP India is Dr Moses Kharat. He was raised from humble beginnings as a Dalit, a member of the “untouchable” community in the Indian caste system. Through the support of Christian missionaries, his parents received the opportunity to gain an education and escape the practices of untouchability. Dr Moses spent years practising medicine in various hospitals around India and New Zealand before ultimately deciding to return to Buldhana, his home district, to fulfil his dream of improving the health and lives of those from his community.

CBHP Australia is a student-led group based in the University of Melbourne, that work alongside Dr Moses in helping him address the issues in health inequality, business and education in his hometown.

Nossal High School is collaborating with the University of Melbourne students to assist with this great cause: to provide education and teach the habits of good health to village children and their families. We acknowledge that we are very privileged to live in a society where education is valued and to attend a selective entry school like Nossal High School where learning is appreciated. Thus, we are keen to support village children to stay in school and help them break the cycle of poverty. By doing so, we will be able to teach these children the most basic aspects that you and I take for granted, such as personal hygiene, counting from 1 to 10, and the ABCs.

Founded in 2013, the CBHP Nossal team now annually fundraises to support these pre-school children and various CBHP projects. Money raised are used in funding the teachers and supplies of CBHP’s Vidya Niketan English School’ (Vidya Niketan means house of knowledge) as well as the Village Health Workers, the Mobile Health Team and more.

Currently, poor and underprivileged children in rural India are often required to drop out of school to generate money for their family to provide basic needs such as food and shelter – financial support for the children to remain in school is more often than not impossible. Child labour is ubiquitous in India and this links back to the poverty cycle. Through CBHP, the community and health projects that Nossal is engaged in targets these children and their families in such situations, empowering them to take ownership of their health to overcome health and social injustice.

The CBHP Nossal Team consists of three sub-teams in each project: Finance, Communication and Design, where interested students are recruited as a member under the ChariTea House or Term 3 Fundraisers. Over the years, CBHP Nossal have committed ourselves to many activities that fundraise to support these rural children and their families in India.

We follow a yearly plan:

Term 1

  • Introduction to Year 9’s
  • Recruitment of new CBHP Nossal members
  • Casual Clothes Day fundraiser

Term 2

  • ChariTea House (Nossal’s own tea bar) with an updated menu each year and held on Cross Country day

Term 3

  • Annual fundraising events – uniquely planned and run each year by the CBHP Nossal Team. We engage in various roles that allow us to develop various skillsets and abilities. The process of creating a charity plan where we discuss and expand our ideas to the implementation in real life, while seeking permissions and help from different people, allows us to engage and learn in a way that can’t be gained from a textbook.

Term 4

  • This is a busy time due to upcoming VCE/end-of-year exams – graduating members prepare to hand down their roles to the next generation.
  • A second ChariTea House event is held on Year 9 Orientation Day

In addition, the University of Melbourne CBHP Team travels down to Nossal each term to run health-related workshops for each year level, opening our eyes to a greater perspective. We explore global issues such as gender equality, refugees, world hunger and poverty etc.

CBHP is working hard towards self-sustainability. Your support in this crucial time is essential to ensure that CBHP can continue as a force for positive change in the community. ​

If you are interested in contributing, please support CBHP Nossal’s events and visit our website via