11 students and 3 staff set off to Maningrida via Darwin on 15th June for a week of learning about Indigenous Culture.

We all received SKIN Names to include us as family and learned about life in the Territory.

We watched a young indigenous man’s initiation ceremony and the dances and fireside ceremonies, witnessed the rangers bringing in barramundi, kangaroo, wild boar and buffalo for the ceremony.

We learned about the local indigenous bark art, weaving, hollow logs and lino and screen printing.

We built relationships that will last forever. It was an experience of a lifetime.

At Rocky Point we fished for Barramundi-Mr Page caught a 60cm fish, which was cooked up on the coals and eaten for supper.

We learned to throw a spear and a fishing line and watched the warriors catch and cook up mud crabs, we ate buffalo stew, cooked up in the camp oven, learned about bush medicine and tasted ‘stinky cheese frui’ (great for most ailments), played volleyball and soccer on the beach, made jewelry from sea snails and watched the rangers try to catch a crocodile!

Watch the next newsletter and the Website over the next few weeks for more from the group and reflections from the students.

Ms Warner