Middle School PE and Health
Students in Year 9 are exposed to a variety of sports and activities over the course of the year in practical classes including minor games, fitness testing, traditional sports and fitness and recreation activities. Sessions are run in mixed gender and single gender. In the latter stages of the year there is a strong student voice with choice over the sport or fitness activity they wish to participate in. For all practical classes students are required to wear their Nossal PE uniforms.

Two classes a fortnight are conducted in the class room and are more theoretical in nature, although strong links to practical classes and real world experiences are encouraged. Students explore topics including; the components of fitness, systems of the body (muscular and skeletal), personal identity and harm minimisation, with a focus on drug awareness and sexual health.

In Year 9 students also have the opportunity to participate in the elective subject ‘Sports around the World’ a practical subject which introduces students to a wide variety of non-traditional sports from around the globe.

In Year 10, PE and Health are combined for a course of one semester duration. Lifelong fitness is promoted with students developing practical skills in a variety of fitness and recreation activities. Students are also given the opportunity to develop leadership, interpersonal skills and organisation by leading a peer teaching session in a sport or fitness activity of their choice.

Two classes a fortnight are conducted in the class room. Students explore topics including; first aid, mental health, sexual education, nutrition and a lifelong fitness unit.

In Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in the elective subject ‘Team Sports’ a practical subject where students partake in a round robin competition and undertake a variety of roles including playing, coaching and officiating.

VCE Physical Education

VCE Physical Education examines how the world’s elite athletes perform to such a standard. What physical and psychological factors influence their sporting performance? What can be done in the pursuit for faster, higher, stronger? What drives people to exercise? What barriers to movement do Australians face and how can they be overcome?

VCE PE explores the biological, physiological, psychological, social and cultural influences on sport performance and participation in physical activity.

In year 11 Nossal students visit Phillip Island for a 3 day surf camp applying their understanding of the biomechanical, the energy systems that enable movement and sport coaching principles in a practical setting. The physical, social and mental health benefits of exercise are also examined including the current levels of physical inactivity in Australia and the risk factors associated with this.

In Unit 3 and 4 our students visit Exercise Research Australia and are given the opportunity to complete and observe first-hand a range of elite athlete fitness tests. Nossal students are also introduced to the world of elite sport spending the day at the Melbourne Storm training facility at AAMI stadium and observe a Storm training session. Students also participate in a training program making use of the Nossal gymnasium and fitness centre.

Nossal offers VCE PE Units 1-4.


VCE Health and Human Development

 Health and Human Development helps young people to understand themselves, how the human body develops, the science behind achieving optimal health throughout the lifespan and the determinants that shape life in Australia and around the globe.

In Units 1 and 2 Nossal students visit an Early Learning Centre providing the opportunity to apply their understanding of childhood development in a practical context. Students also participate in the Virtual Baby program giving insight to life as a parent and infancy.

Year 12 studies take on a global perspective. The health and development of Australia is compared to other nations, health promotion strategies and systems used by governments around the world to combat literacy, poverty, hunger, malaria and HIV/Aids are assessed for their impact on human development and sustainability.

Nossal offers VCE HHD Units 1-4.