Dear Students and Parents,
Our Digital Delivery Day program is now in its third year. For the life of the program, we have been continually refining and developing our approach to these events to ensure that our students are developing the online skills required for the type of learning they will experience at University and beyond.
We believe the experience of using online learning tools in an authentic setting will assist students in demonstrating and further developing their independence and self-discipline when dealing with the learning environments of the future. Through our Digital Delivery Day program, we aim to provide our students with an extension of the adult learning environment found within the walls of Nossal High School, to the online world beyond.
On Wednesday the 18th May, Nossal High School will be holding our first Digital Delivery Day for 2016. Over the course of this day, students will work on their normal school timetable, but all classes will be held online. Students will therefore be able to complete their classes from an alternative location (home or elsewhere) via the internet. This includes subjects such as Physical Education where students may be asked to participate in some guided physical activities in their home environment.
As with a normal school day, a roll of student participation will be taken for each class. Students will be required to join an online video conference at the beginning of each session which signifies they are indeed ‘present’. If, for any reason, students are unable to remain at home (or alternatively, work at a friend’s house) to complete their online classes, they can come to school and use our computer lab facilities or their own laptops.
What to do now:
1) All parents must provide consent via COMPASS for their children to work from home by April 29th
2) If your child is not able to work from home, please complete the form attached at the end of this notification.
Students who attend school on this day should note that it will effectively be a normal school day with full school uniform, although not attended in normal classrooms.
If you wish to know further information about the event, please contact us via support@nossalhs.vic.edu.au or phone IT Services via (03) 8762 4673.
Stuart Fankhauser
Director of eLearning

Form to be completed to notify the school of student’s need to work from school on this day: DDD Letter 4