Students’ wellbeing is a prime concern of all Nossal staff, and all Nossal teachers are teachers for wellbeing. Students who feel good in and about themselves perform better academically and in every other aspect of life.

We think there are two keys to wellbeing: work-life balance and the ability to ask for help. Work-life balance is about getting enough sleep, exercise, time with friends, and still time without screens for quiet thinking and contemplation.

Help-seeking is about understanding that you can’t do everything on your own and feeling comfortable asking for help whether that’s about solving a difficult maths problem or to better understanding some part of your thinking and feeling life.

The wellbeing information available through this page is intended to help students and their parents optimise each student’s ability to achieve their aspirations.

The documents are written or compiled by Nossal wellbeing staff specifically for Nossal students. They are about the wellbeing concerns Nossal students most commonly ask us about.

The information and advice holds good for all Nossal students and their parents, although much of it was written with VCE students in mind.

Also available here is a booklet titled Health and Wellbeing Resources for Parents, which contains a wealth of links for parents needing help.

Health & Wellbeing Resources for Parents


Panic Attacks

Perfectionism and mindset


Setting goals


Stress & Anxiety

Time management, study plans, and exams

Child Safe Information

Child Safe Abuse Advice for School Staff

Child Safe Abuse Advice for Students

Child Safe Standards_Poster

Parent Information Protecting Children from Abuse