Student leadership plays a crucial role at Nossal.

Leadership at Nossal is a dynamic, innovative experience that directly serves the students themselves. Where there is a need, there will be a leader and where there are students with talent and capacity, there are roles. Leadership is about empowering others, which is why, as school captains, we are not focused on how well we can lead but by but how well we enable others to lead with us. All students have the opportunity to be a leader at Nossal; whether it be a Tutorial leader, Wellbeing leader, House Captain, School Captain or other leadership positions, every Nossalonian has the opportunity to make their difference. One of the fundamental purposes of all of these roles is to continue to provide students with the ability to proactively participate in building the foundations and promoting this culture of leadership in our school. While also, developing their skills in relation to problem solving, communication and emotional intelligence that are essential for leaders in the modern world.

As School Captains, we are also Presidents of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is a powerful body in the school that empowers passionate student voice. We comprise of 28 unique, bold, capable students that are elected by their peers to carry forward the SRC; as well as our supporting teachers that respect and enable our ideas to come to life. Through the SRC students are able to learn how to create important and necessary change in a safe, exploratory environment and that’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us.  

The Nossal community always articulates that leadership is not just ‘about the badge’ and we see that at Nossal, everybody truly has the opportunity to lead in whatever capacity they can. All students understand that all of our actions represent and build the foundation of our school and we work actively to improve on ourselves. There is a wonderful sense of pride and dedication to Nossal that pushes us to be better, collectively, every day. Nossal students are incredibly generous in giving back to their school and using their talents and capacity in great ways, with an abundance of compassionate and caring leaders ready to step up and unite the school.

Charis Yang, Kiran Rajackal, Stacey Loizou & Reuben Kua – 2016 School Captains


Mahatma Gandhi described leadership as the ability to get along with people. I agree, especially at Nossal with such a rich and diverse group of students.

For me personally leadership at Nossal gave me greater self-confidence, a better ability to empathise and communicate with others, and a better understanding of how to work in a team. These are all skills that will be beneficial to me for years after leaving school. 

Leadership at Nossal has been a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Sanjiv Ganesan, 2015 School Captain

Being a school captain was as enlightening as it was fulfilling. I always thought leadership to be simple: be a good role model, communicate and persevere. But the more I experienced leadership, the more I realised the other challenges of leadership. 

I found leadership to be about knowing when to stand up and when to step down. It’s about being humble, admitting mistakes wholeheartedly when you know you got something wrong. It’s about trusting yourself because sometimes this is more difficult than trusting others. It’s about understanding that it’s just not possible to please everyone.

Nossal will always emphasise the importance of student leadership. Anyone who has the chance should take it.

                                                                               Natasha Aulia, 2015 School Captain

What amazed me when I first came to Nossal, and what continues to amaze me, is how much of an opportunity everyone is given to become leaders. Even if not elected into a formal leadership position, opportunities to shape our school community, such as being a student representative on teacher interview panels, are made available to everyone. It truly feels like we are not only supported, but encouraged to extend ourselves, especially where leadership is concerned. Although leading is sometimes unnerving, and almost always involves making mistakes, I’ve found the experience truly rewarding as well.”

            Levi Barker, 2012 School Captain

Opportunities for leadership begin late in the year when the Year 12s have departed. That’s when the school community elects the next year’s school captains and vice-captains. It’s a big event when aspiring school captains put their cases to a school assembly before voting begins.

Early the following year students have the opportunity to nominate for a wide range of leadership positions. Six students at year level are elected to the Student Representative Council that is chaired by the school captains (SRC).

Each tute group elects a tutorial leader from specific year levels each term. Houses elect captains and vice-captains at each year level with the Y12s becoming the house captain and vice-captain.

There are environmental leaders, wellbeing leaders, leaders in the arts (drama and music), leaders in the IRC (the library), for ICT, and for the Breakfast Club. Students are also encouraged to be leaders of a range of clubs and societies as part of Nossal’s co-curricular program.

Students take a leading role in information sessions for new parents and guiding prospective new parents and students around the school.

Whether they have a badge or not, all students at Nossal are encouraged to be leaders in all aspects of school life.