Monash Challenge Day 2

Date: 06/12/2018
Time: 8.45am
Monash University, Clayton

Monash Challenge Day 2

Each year the Year 9 cohort is involved in a House Competition with an academic focus in which they are exposed to the sorts of "big picture" thinking and experiences which they will encounter when they go to university. This year, the competition will include two days at the Clayton campus of Monash University, where the students will attend lectures given by university staff and work collaboratively with student ambassadors from the university to complete their entries to the competition.

Students are to make their own way to Monash University (Clayton Campus) and meet their teachers at 8:45 AM at the Teaching and Learning Building. The building's address is

Teaching and Learning Building, 19 Ancora Imparo Way

There is an entrance to the building which faces the main bus terminal at the campus, and students should gather otuside this entrance in their house groups. Any student who is running late or requries assistance should contact Ms Mackin, remembering to include their full name in any text that they send. Students will work with Nossal and Monash staff throughout the day, and will be dismissed from Monash University at 3:20pm.

Dress Code:

Full School Uniform


Students are to make their own way to the event.