i-Week Icehouse Docklands

Date: 01/02/2019
Time: 8.20am
Ice House Docklands

i-Week Icehouse Docklands

This is an opportunity for the new students to learn how Nossal conducts excursions and is an activity where friendships are formed.

Students will be given an introductory ice-skating lesson by the Ice House staff. Students must wear/bring their long track suit pants on this excursion. They will not be permitted to skate in shorts.

Students may bring their lunch with them or buy it from one of the food outlets at Docklands.

Dress Code: Nossal Sport Uniform: students must bring their long track suit pants for this excursion.

Transport: Students will meet their teachers at Nossal by 8.20 am and will travel as a group on the train from Berwick. It is essential that students have a Myki card with sufficient credit on it.
Students will be dismissed at Southern Cross railway station and will be encouraged to travel home with a Nossal buddy.