FareShare Session No.2

Date: 28/06/2018
Time: 8.30am
FareShare Kitchen, 1-7 Audley Street, Abbotsford


FareShare Session No.2

Students are involved in working in a community service, in the FareShare kitchen by assisting in the preparation of meals for under privileged.

Students do a three-hour "shift" in the FareShare kitchen preparing and cooking donated fruit, vegetables, meats and various packaged items. They taste-test the food at the morning tea break. Students still need to bring either a packed lunch or money to purchase lunch.

Dress Code:

Students can wear full academic uniform or sports uniform, but school bag is not needed. If students would prefer not to wear a hairnet, they must bring their own cap.


Students are to meet at the top of the escalator at the southern entrance (Collins Street exit) of the Parliament Station no later than 8:30am. Students are expected to travel independently to the station before travelling onto the Abbotsford kitchen by 109 tram to stop 22, as a group. Students will need a MYKI with sufficient funds for the return journey. Should students have difficulties during transport, they should contact Ms Bonham immediately.

Students are dismissed between 1.00pm – 1.30pm from Parliament Station and travel home independently.