Chess Competition - St Peter's

Date: 31/05/2019
Time: 9.00am
St Peter's Cranbourne
1005 Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Cranbourne West VIC 3977


Chess Competition - St Peter

Develop student problem solving and thinking skills and represent Nossal under competitive conditions

Student to meet at the St Peter's Cranbourne reception area by no later than 9.00 am on the day of the event.

Students are to travel independently to the venue. Students will need a MYKI with sufficient funds for the return journey. Should the students have difficulties during transport, if they are going to be late, or if they are ill and unable to make it on the day, they should contact Mr Chattrath immediately. Back up number of school is 8762 4600.

Dress Code: full academic uniform.

Transport: Students to make their own arrangements to reach the venue on time. They should bring MYKI along with sufficient funds for the return journey in case they are going to use Public Transport(Train and Bus).