2019 Year 12 Lord Somers Camp

Date: 20/03/2019
Time: 8.45am
Lord Somers Camp
Corner Parklands Avenue & Lord Somers Road, Somers


2019 Year 12 Lord Somers Camp

The camp aims to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a camp program that involves shared class and year level experiences, as well as activities to promote team building and a sense of cohesiveness. It also aims to promote self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, judgement, cooperation and tolerance.

Additional Event Details: CSEF funds may be applied to this camp if eligible. $345 cost per student as listed on Yr 12 2019 Parent Funded Contributions and can be paid on Compass.

Dress Code: Casual clothing suitable for a range of activities, including water activities such as kayaking and shoes suitable for beach and coastal walking (clothing list provided). Sun protection required.

Transport: Simcocks 4X57 seater buses (seatbelt equipped)