The School Council is a group of parents, staff and community representatives who undertake an overall management function of the school. School operations are managed by the appointed School Principal, who in turn has a team of Executive Staff, Teaching Staff and an Office Management Team to undertake the day-to-day administration.

The School Council participates in the review of the school finances and expenditure control, education overview considering current and long term planning and facilities management for buildings and grounds. It also undertakes to implement and approve policies, programs, structures and activities to support the school academic program.

There are SIX elected parent representatives and FOUR elected staff representatives on Council, serving a two year term. Each year approximately half of the positions become vacant for re-election at which time interested parents and staff are invited to nominate.

Council will meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month between 7.00 and 9.30pm with subcommittee meetings occurring before 7.00pm.

The school council monthly meetings are open to parents and interested persons are invited and encouraged to participate in the smaller sub-committees who look after and advise specific management areas within the school. If you would like to contact the school council in regards to any school matters please email:

Mr Roger Page, Principal at

2016 School Council Members


Kyle Hoppitt (Parent)

Vice President:

Ross Mouer (Parent)


Jenny Tam (Parent)

Parent Representatives:

Bridget Wong

Shaikh Abid Hasan

Danny Wan

DEECD Representatives:

Deb Engler

Vivian Horner

Julia Stoppa

Mr Roger Page (Executive Officer)

Gayl Shute (Secretary)

Community Representatives:

Mr Jack Kraan (Rotary Club)

Charis Yang (School Captain)

Kiran Rajackal Senthil Vel (School Captain)


Professor Leon Piterman (Monash University)


Keith Butler (Assistant Principal)

Sue Harrap (Assistant Principal)