Our School Vision

Nossal High School is committed to providing an innovative, inclusive and dynamic educational environment. We aim to challenge our students to be creative and critical thinkers with good communication skills and the resilience necessary to succeed in an ever changing world. We aim to build their skills, self-confidence, leadership abilities and community spirit through a rigorous, but rich and varied curricular and co-curricular program. We want our graduates to be ambitious, ethical and responsible citizens who conduct themselves with humility and compassion.

Our School Values

Nossal is a school that……

  • leads and develops leadership
  • creates and cultivates creativity
  • is respectful and fosters respectful citizenship
  • inspires and seeks inspiration
  • is ethical and develops ethical behaviours
  • pursues excellence and celebrates individual and team achievement
  • develops resilience and independence and nurtures happiness
  • encourages a strong work ethic with an emphasis on personal growth

We encourage and support all members of our school community to challenge themselves through intellectual, social, physical and leadership pursuits.  Our school motto, “Embrace the Challenge” signifies the importance we place on the notion that continued personal challenge results in personal growth.

We are a learning community where everyone, staff and students alike, consider themselves as learners, utilising Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future (2008) as a framework to develop:

  • deep knowledge and mastery in at least one discipline
  • the ability to integrate ideas from disparate sources
  • the capacity to create new solutions and questions
  • an awareness of and appreciation for differences in society
  • the fulfilment of one’s responsibilities as a worker and citizen in an ethical way